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Our exhibitions every year:

” Show must go on”.

” Colors of Spain by Artishow” ( Only for our spanish artist).

” United Colors by Artishow” ( Our artist from all over the world).

” Artlet by Artishow” ( Our art & design outlet per year).

” Design Market by Artishow” ( Fashion, interior design, jewellery).

“In the soul of my camara” (only for photographers and sculptors).


For companies & private.

” Chef privé à domicile”

” Culinary workshop”

Tailored events for companies & private

“Mini styling”

We style with what you have and make sure your home gets a lift.

Price: 6 250 SKR incluiding VAT

“Styling Consultation”

Action list for how to improve your interior design

Price: 1 875 SKR including VAT

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