Susanne Grahn

“Experience the harmony of nature in Susanne Grahn’s art”

Step into Susanne Grahn’s lively world, where colorful canvases adorned with earthy, muted tones meet in perfect harmony and where she draws inspiration from nature, environments and everyday encounters.

Susanne is a self-taught artist with a background in the travel industry. Her artistic journey emerged after a significant life change, a horse accident nearly three decades ago. Her creative yearning found expression through various art courses and painting training, which ultimately led her to create abstract artwork characterized by vibrant colors and soft, muted tones.

In her artistic process, Susanne translates emotions into colors and shapes on the canvas, with the aim of conveying a feeling that embraces the viewer and evokes warmth and joy. Her paintings are a canvas of emotions that invite each viewer to be swept along on a personal journey and find their unique interpretation and connection in her artwork.

Susanne grew up in a village outside Luleå in Norrbotten and now lives in Åkersberga. Her art reflects her deep connection to nature and the beauty found in everyday life. Embrace the warmth, joy and personal interpretations of Susanne Grahn’s vibrant and emotional artwork.

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